Today’s #WhatTheFood post is indeed a boozey one – and we’re not complaining. (Neither should you!) Enter the Patron XO Cafe Ice Cream. One (heavy) part booze, one part coffee, and one part cool and heavenly ice cream, this is a dessert fit for champs, naturally. Drizzle & Dip, a South African-based food blog, takes us through the delicate process of making this tipsy treat and we are ever-so grateful that we came across the booze-infused recipe. Making ice cream can always seem daunting and it looks troublesome, but this one here is definitely worth the work!

Say goodbye to the traditional desserts amped up with Bailey’s, because Patron is surely making its way into the dessert spotlight. What’s next? Patron Key Lime Pies? (Because we are so down with that!)

To make your own Patron XO Cafe Ice Cream, check out the recipe here, and don’t forget that sharing is caring.

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What are some of your fave booze + ice cream combos? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @ViewTheVibe.