We couldn’t resist bringin’ the #WTF (that’s What the Food?! for the uninitiated) microscope down on this gluttonous recipe for Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup with Popcorn even though the humidity is causing us to clam up like a New England chowder.

We love beer + cheese soups – well, beer + cheese anything really. (Welsh Rarebit, please!) What this one’s got above others we’ve spilled down our gullets is an umami mix of Worcestershire and dijon that’s been missing from our lives. That… and popcorn, obviously. Whether it stays crunchy or sogs out on contact is neither here nor there. All we want to know is what the food this at-home cook was thinking when he decided to pop some Orville and toss it in…

Click here to learn how to make Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup with Popcorn.

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