Catriona Smart | Coco & Cowe

Catriona Smart is Coco behind Coco & Cowe, a lifestyle blog for the urbanista. (It’s a word now. Stay with the trends, folks!) This mix of beauty and brains was one of the first social media socialistas (in fact, we’re pretty sure she coined the phrase) on the scene in Toronto, and though she recently became a new mom (congrats!), she still manages to keep us tuned in to her trendy DIYs, beauty buzz, and more. Get the Coco-liscious inside scoop below…

Catriona Smart | Coco & Cowe

Give us a snippet about you. What should people know?
I’m a new mum (like six months new, *wink*), a wife, and I write a blog called Coco & Cowe. I also work with an awesome not-for-profit called The Remix Project.

What is a social media socialista?
A social media savvy girl about town. I’m not sure how ‘about town’ I am anymore… babies do funny things to your social life and/or your desire to have one.

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Finish this sentence: I love Toronto because…
…it’s multi-cultural, growing, welcoming and full of interesting people and places.

What are your three favourite annual events in Toronto?
NXNE (which I’m going to tonight), TIFF and Booby Ball.

What are three things you simply cannot live without?
My family, iPhone and a great book. And, coffee? Sorry, that’s four. It’s just when I said book, I thought coffee and couldn’t put one without the other.

What’s your favourite restaurant and why?
All time favourite restaurant in Toronto that never, ever disappoints has to be Bymark. It may not be the newest or the most hip spot in town, but the staff are incredible and the food is always outstanding.

What’s your favourite drink/cocktail and where do you go to get it?
A cold glass of champagne or a margarita on the rocks with fresh lime and no Triple Sec. You can get either in most places but I’m a sucker for a great glass and The Soho House has amazing glassware.

Who’s your favourite designer/brand and why do you sport their fashions?
Right now, Celine. Phoebe Philo’s style and vision for the brand is incredibly fresh and interesting. I also adore Isabel Marant and lucky for me she’s the latest designer to collaborate with H&M!

Let’s get social for a mo’. How can people stay up-to-date with all your city-trotting?
On my blog, or, if you’re an instagram addict like me, cocoandcowe.