gnocchi at Piola

I went with our lovely intern, Kimberley Kirby, to Piola’s Lucky Gnocchi Day, which takes place the 29th of each month. Watch the video to view the vibe (and lots of food), and check out her thoughts in the write-up below…

If you’re having an unfortunate run of luck there’s only one way to solve it, visit Piola on the 29th of every month for Lucky Gnocchi Day. A celebrated Italian tradition that Piola keeps alive.

The legend behind Lucky Gnocchi Day remains true to history. A missionary came to a small village in Italy on the 29th of an unknown month, he arrived at a merchant’s home and asked for food. They welcomed him into their home and offered him the only item they had on the table, Gnocchi, of course. The missionary was very grateful for their kindness and offerings. After the missionary left the family found gold coins underneath the Gnocchi plate – and thus the birth of Lucky Gnocchi Day!

Piola commemorates this tradition by offering guests all you can eat gnocchi on the 29th of every month in a variety of sauces served in a traditional homestyle manner. Watching all the servers go by with the different flavours will make your mouth water. Not to mention it’s very hard to say no when they stop by your table, but you have to try them all, right? Needless to say, Piola knows their light and fluffy gnocchi pair perfectly with their homemade flavourful sauces. From the creamy, cheesy Quattro Formaggio to the fresh basil pesto, why couldn’t they just leave the serving plates at our table? If you don’t leave any luckier, at least you’ll leave Piola happy and satisfied.

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Only few words of caution: Wear your loosest fitting pants…

All you can eat gnocchi at Piola from View the Vibe on Vimeo.