Against the Grain

It’s time to close up #PatioWeek with our last set of sweet spots for the summer. Today is all about Toronto’s best patios with a view, where you can fixate on your surroundings and never realize that a couple quick drinks have led to a six-hour sit-in…

Against the Grain
Against the Grain

Against the Grain Urban Tavern
Sitting by the lake at this downtown adjacent patio will have you briefly believing you’re out of the city altogether. It’s a massive one to be sure, and thanks to its not-so-convenient location, you’re almost always guaranteed a seat. (We’ve never had to wait.)

Le Papillon on the Park
Surrounded by the lush leaves proffered by age-old trees, Le Papillon on the Park’s treehouse-like digs are some of the most romantic in the city. This eco-oasis will have you feeling as though you’re in a vignette from FernGully, sans annoying chattering wildlife or that weird smog dude who craves “mother’s milk.”

The Thompson Rooftop
Downtown Toronto at night has never looked as sexy as poolside at the Thompson’s rooftop haven. This is where the beautiful people head for a beautiful view. Sure, getting up there might be a hassle if you’re not one of the lounge members, but once you’ve found your ‘in’, the cityscape will look all the lovelier because you’ve worked for the privilege.

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Shopsy’s Centre Island
Hop on the ferry and float seven minutes away from the shoreline of downtown Toronto to find yourself on one of the most sensational patios you could over ponder-up. Shopsy’s Centre Island is perhaps the greatest unknown treasure that the island has to offer. With seating for 900 and a most magnificent view of the Toronto skyline, this patio is the ideal place to escape the cacophony of the city… if only for a short while.

PORT Restaurant, Bar and Patio
Alright, so this one isn’t exactly in downtown Toronto. (Far from it actually.) But the “road trip” is a summertime exercise that is always apropos, so taking the under-an-hour commute to PORT in Pickering to sit by the water and count down the hours til dusk is less a chore than it is a good-natured getaway.


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