If you’re cajoled into a visit to Parlour on Adelaide, class, cocktails and some fairly decent cooking are what you might find. The classically tinged basement space has been in operation since September 2012, but it can be easily overlooked in the oft-sordid club district.

Gregory and Luke Vitale, brothers who share a background in real estate, have infused their love for antique furniture and architecture with an eye for detail in Parlour’s Victorian-esque design. Though the room comes together with the placement of heirloom lounge chairs and frilled glass sconces, the building itself was the inspiration behind Parlour’s concept.


“The building dates back to 1896,” Gregory tells me over the phone, following my visit on Saturday night. “These rooms used to be the homes of professors around the turn of the century, back when U of T had campus buildings at Roy Thompson Hall.”

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“The parlour room was always the nice room where you would entertain your guests,” Gregory continues. “That room was our inspiration from the beginning. It’s an extension of the building itself.”


Parlour is also an extension of the supper club concept that the Vitale brothers took to back in 2003, opening Potato Blue Supper Club on the John Street side of the building. At Parlour, you’ll find a class of down to earth debutants picking through quinoa canoes and crostini loaded with striploin beef tartare and truffle aioli alongside a glass of Italian wine.


A well-balanced, spiced Old Fashioned in one hand and a kobasa and mushroom flatbread in the other at the beginning of the evening – a mild mannered house beat in the background. By the time you’ve finished your first round the tempo will increase and a couple tables will have bottle service.


It’s an upmarket setting with elegance. There’s a humble panache to the patrons. Parlour will attract those in their 20s and 30s looking to move on from the uncultivated club scene.

The warm, 2,000 square-foot interior will soon be expanding across the building’s stretch of Adelaide. A courtyard is also coming between the old edifices. It will make an ideal setting for their summer full moon series of events – themed affairs surrounding Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Rocky Horror Picture Show and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – to be held from May to August.

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The theme for the first of these evenings is undecided, but mark your calendars for Thursday, May 15th if you’re into an occasion that’s as unconventional in the area as the venue that’s hosting it.

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