Sure, we might not write in-depth cultural critiques of everything that makes a splash on pop culture’s radar every week, but that doesn’t mean we’re not talking about it around the Vv Magazine office watercooler. That’s why, every Friday, Vv Magazine’s editors roundup the stuff we loved, hated, debated, and obsessed over during the week that was with Vv’s Over-rated/Under-rated. We’re not ashamed to admit that we do more than just keep up with the Kardashians — we have office polls on what everyone from Bruce Jenner and Kate Middleton to Marc Jacobs and Justin Trudeau will do next…

Under-rated: Cara Delevingne in Toronto

When Cara Delevingne shows up to your city’s fashion week (at the Elle Canada party, no less), you can start believin’ the rest of the world is finally paying attention to the farm team.

Instagram: @caradelevingne

Under-rated: The season finale of Girls

Lena Dunham — we mean Hannah Horvath — grew up this season. Dunham’s writing style, likewise, continues to evolve into something that really is generation defining.

Over-rated: Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein

Vv Magazine’s Scenesters predicted (or did they already know?!) that the supermodel/reality star would be the new face of Calvin Klein Underwear on Wednesday before the “breaking new” was announced yesterday.

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Over-rated: the end of Downton Abbey announced

When season 6 wraps next year, it will be the last, but it was already over for us when they killed off Matthew.

Under-rated: Rihanna’s new track ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’

We’ve been playing it in the office all week, and not just before we collect from our dog-walking customers, aka our “freelance clients.”

Over-rated: Kim Kardashian is brunette again

…and there’s still civil unrest in the Congo, in case anyone’s curious.

Under-rated: The One of a Kind Show

While everyone’s over at the fashion week tents including our Fashion Editor Philip Mak, most of Vv Magazine has been over at the One of a Kind Show buy corsets. We blame our West Coast Editor Alexandra Gill for her piece “I Trained My Waist Like Kim Kardashian For 2 Weeks.

Over-rated: San Francisco

Anyone who’s anybody is in Oakland now, according to Vv Magazine travel contributor Si Si Penaloza.

Over-rated: Eating our emotions

Vv Magazine’s Alida Di Placido has even the McDonalds devoutees in the office eating healthy after she debriefed us on the real benefits of being more food conscious in “Would You Eat a Non-Browning GMO Apple?

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Over-rated: Expensive time-saving beauty products

We’re seriously considering an office slumber party (or at least an intentionally planned one) to try out the “10 Best DIY Beauty Secrets,” according to Vv Magazine’s Isabel Chalmers.

Under-rated: Coconut oil

It’s the new argan oil, according to Vv Magazine’s Lauren Coholan who cooks and moisturizes with this magic potion like she’s some kind of biblical prophet who can turn… wait a second.


Over-rated: Trust

April Fool’s Day is next week, and we’ve already scared ourselves sh*tless recalling our craziest April Fool’s pranks ever.

Under-rated: World MasterCard Fashion Week aka Toronto Fashion Week

Isn’t it nice when something that used to be embarrassing for our country starts to actually be a point of pride? Check out the day-by-day play-by-play by Vv Magazine’s Philip Mak here.

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