There’s no denying that the way we dress has the power to transform our mood – it’s the reason we engage in routine wardrobe edits such as spring cleaning, and why we update our closets upon starting a new job. What we wear has the ability to project an image we wish to cultivate, so even if we’re not actually the CEO of a Fortune 500 company we can still attempt to borrow pages from one’s stylebook.

Recently, power dressing has experienced a revitalization, with top designers in the game putting forth office-apropos collections that are equal parts business and sensuality. Altuzarra’s penchant for high-impact silhouettes in the forms of straight shoulders and slit skirts are currently de rigueur among the professional twentysomething set, while wears by industry veteran Narciso Rodriguez have also been bolstered by an appetite for the kind of credibility his pared-back clothes demand.


So what exactly does this refreshed mode of power dressing require? The wardrobes of politico drama stars Olivia Pope and Claire Underwood are ideal sources of inspiration; both encapsulate what it means to command authority and simultaneously remain feminine in appearance. And while the designer brands they favour may be out of reach for the average working girl, the uniforms they champion are comprised of designs basic enough that they can be found practically anywhere. The most important differentiating factors to keep in mind when shopping for these looks are fit and fabric – if you can find pieces of exceptional quality in both areas, your outfit will be virtually indistinguishable from one that retails for the price of a small island.

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Of course, there are a few items you’ll want to consider splurging on, the most crucial of these being a bag. A bag is a woman’s signature, the defining feature of any of her outfits, and an indelible part of her persona. The ranks of power bags include such iconic designs as the YSL Muse, Givenchy’s Nightingale, and Mulberry’s Alexa (seen below).


Another essential accessory is a pair of classic shoes – black, mid-heeled pumps that can be worn walking around all day are the cornerstones of power dressing. For coats, be sure to choose a traditional style that can span a majority of seasons, such as a bespoke beige trench. And when it comes to makeup and jewelry, adhere to the practices of “less is more” – a pearl stud here, a swipe of lipstick there; they’re all you’ll need to enhance the simplicity of an ensemble.


Now that we are no longer bound by layers of unwieldy boots and parkas (knock on wood), it’s the perfect time to try out these sleek and sophisticated looks for yourself. Trust us, this spring it’s all about the power dressing!

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