Tired of your pasty winter skin? Check out Vita Liberata for a glow that looks fresh-off-the-beach…

Have you looked in the mirror lately wondering what you can do to rescue your skin from this hellish winter weather? If you are thinking of emailing your boss asking to use vacation days to head south just to get a glowing tan, don’t press the send button.

Instead, venture to Sephora today as Vita Liberata launches two new fabulous tanning products just in time to save you the dinero, vacation days, and, of course, your skin. This is what I call a life hat-trick.


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On Tuesday, the Vita Liberata Team hosted a launch party at Montecito in Toronto where CEO and founder Alyson Hogg traveled from Ireland to give us a sneak peek of the new products. Ms. Hogg stated, “It’s a paradigm shift in tanning technology” as she demoed the products on one of Sephora’s brand managers, transforming her pale complexion to a bronzed glow.

By the end of the demo she looked as if she just stepped off the plane from vacationing in South Beach. I was impressed and literally rushed home to slather these products all over my body.

Here is your sneak peek of these innovative products:

Self-Tanning Night Moisture Mask, $55
This luxurious hydrating night mask has HyH20TM, which provides an intense anti-aging treatment while giving you a touch of tan for a radiant glow in the morning. It is like waking up with a natural dewy glow that would suggest you just enjoyed a little you-know-what without the effort. Sign me up! It is also full of amazing extracts including sunflower seed (with Vitamin A, C, and D for skin calming and protection), and Tocopherol to protect against free radical damage. It is also odourless and will not stain your pillow case. This product is a must have!

Tip: If you are a jetsetter, apply the self-tanning night moisture mask before your flight and by the time you step off the plane you will have a glowing complexion instead of the dry, pale effect that airplane air often has on skin.


Trystal Minerals, $67.00 (with Kabuki Brush); $55.00 (without Kabuki Brush)
This is a world-first self-tanning bronzer that offers mineral coverage and a lasting tan. This product has Trystal3TM which is a secret proprietary technology allowing the powder to interact with your moisturizer or liquid foundation to tan the skin. The best way to gain optimal results is to apply the bronzer all over you face, neck, and décolleté with the Kabuki Brush, with an emphasis on contouring areas after moisturizing.

Tip: For all you soon to be brides, on your big day, apply Trystal Minerals on the above-mentioned areas as well as your arms and hands to achieve a seamless glow.

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