In VTV’s latest installation of “Talk Dirty to Me with Sara Starkman…” our relationship expert explains how to beat the holiday norm of eating, eating and more eating with tips on how to fit in some sexy exercise with your partner….

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Jingle balls, jingle balls, jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride and get your foreplay on – hey! Who said the holidays weren’t fun? Not me!

Lately all I’ve been hearing is how “Santa Claus is coming, Santa Claus is coming” and it’s made me stop and think about Mrs. Claus and her needs. No, just kidding. It’s mostly made me think of how much fun it is to get festive in the bedroom! Although the holidays are the time of year that most people associate with the formation of second chins, Christmas sweaters and grandparent visits, they’re also a time when body heat is welcome and red lingerie is manufactured in abundance.

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Through all the holiday madness, keep your partner happy (and exercising) by creating some sexy time in the bedroom and putting all that red lingerie to good use.  Here are some tips to make sure you’re getting your festive foreplay on:

Set the Scene
Light some gingerbread candles, get a fire roaring (or if you don’t have a fire place, plug in some twinkle lights or light a ton of candles) and turn on a winter/holiday playlist ( or can help you out if you’re pressed for time). When you think about it, Santa Baby, All I Want For Christmas (a personal favourite), Baby It’s Cold Outside and I’ll Be Home For Christmas are all sultry seasonal tunes (amongst others).

Dress Code
Ladies, men love red. Men, you’re welcome. Whether you want to grab a lacy baby doll or dress up like one of Santa’s “helpers” (think red velvet with a white fluffy trim), Victoria Secret and La Senza can help you out. Men, you have the option of swinging by the costume shop for a Santa suit (hey, some people fantasize about Santa – we don’t judge) or simply showing up with your holiday package in tow (feel free to decorate however you’d like). But listen up boys!  Whatever you do, don’t dress up like an elf!

Role Playing & Racy Toys
Role play away either festively or however else you want but if you’re going to try out Santa vs. the naughty little schoolgirl, make sure you’re not uncovering some kind of weird Electra complex buried from youth.  And as far as sex toys are concerned, I’ve yet to come across a festive set of “decorative vibrating balls” or “dildos for your Christmas cookie”. So instead of hunting for holiday themed sex toys (avoid making your own at all cost- read: nutcrackers are NOT for the bedroom) you can delve into a themed sexploration by using melted chocolate, candle wax, peppermint lube (prepare for the tingle) and the wonders of the purely unadulterated imagination.

Happy Festive Foreplaying!