With summer coming to a close, one of the biggest things to look forward to is the return of all your favourite television shows! The 2014/2015 television schedule is looking incredibly impressive with some amazing shows returning for another season, and some exciting new entries in the fray as well. Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Reality and Documentary genres are all well served, so set your DVRs (or find out where they air online) and strap in!

Premiered on September 7 at 8pm on Fox

This is a major experiment-meets-reality TV-meets apocalyptic situation. Fifteen adults will be segmented off into an untouched piece of land, completely cut off from the outside world for an entire year. They are tasked with building a perfect society for themselves… Will that mean communism develops? Religion? Crime? Cannibalism? We’ll find out!

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Z Nation
Premieres on September 12 at 10pm on SyFy

The Walking Dead has been a major hit, and capitalizing on the zombie craze Z Nation follows a group of survivors trying to get an immune survivor (the only one immune) from NYC to a viral lab in California. One hopes this delivers the drama and fear that The Walking Dead is so good at, but with a more definite purpose.

Premieres on September 22 at 8pm on Fox

Well here we have a show that everyone is interested in seeing. Gotham could have been called “DC Comics Teens” as it is set in Gotham City, following the origin story of Jim Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie (better known as Ryan from The OC). Other ‘young’ characters include Bruce Wayne/Batman, Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, and potentially others as well.

The Big Bang Theory
Premieres on September 22 at 8pm on CBS

Taking on Gotham head on, The Big Bang Theory returns for its eighth season. The rumour mill is hot on this one with a major change coming to Penny’s (Kaley Cuoco) career as an actress – she is apparently giving it up! Maybe she becomes a dog walker but has so many dogs to walk that she cannot control them? Hilarious! I guess we shall see…

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Modern Family
Premieres on September 24 at 9pm on ABC

Returning for its sixth season, Modern Family returns with the full cast ready for more wacky but loveable family situations. Last season dragged a few times, and the laughs were not nearly as present, so hopefully they return to form this year.

Premieres on September 24 at 9:30pm on ABC

Anthony Anderson (as Dre) has created a comedy about a family with no cultural identity. His family includes his wife, a biracial woman named Rainbow, his son Andre (who really wants a bar mitzvah), his daughter Zoey, and his twins Jack and Diane. Rounding out the cast is Laurence Fishburne, who takes on the role of Dre’s dad.

A to Z
Premieres on October 2 at 9:30pm on NBC

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Cross How I Met Your Mother with 500 Days of Summer and you would (probably) get A to Z. The romantic comedy tells the story of Andrew (Ben Feldman) and his object of attraction, Zelda (Cristin Milioti, coincidentally the Mother in HIMYM), from their first attraction to the end of it. One hopes it does not end in similar fashion though…

Premieres on October 5 at 9:30pm on Fox

I only bring up this show because it looks to be the closest thing to a Seinfeld reboot. It’s about a comedian who lives in NYC, works for a game show hosted by Martin Short, whose friends (Seaton Smith and Nasim Pedrad) and his kooky neighbour constantly delve into his life. But what about Elaine?!

The Flash
Premieres on October 7 at 8pm on CW

Probably the second most hyped show to debut this fall is The Flash, featuring Grant Gustin taking on the role of Barry Allen. The show is a direct spinoff of Arrow, and is an origin story of The Flash, who, for those uninitiated, is a man with superhuman speed.

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The Walking Dead
Premieres on October 12 at 9pm on AMC

More drama. More zombies. More death. More tension. The Walking Dead returns for another season of the incredible zombie survival series. Hot news related to the show includes a companion series being ordered by AMC that will chronicle an entirely separate group of survivors living within the same time frame.

What fall television shows are you most excited to watch in the coming months? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @ViewTheVibe.