The Twiggy of our time, everybody’s favourite size-zero-hero, and the United Kingdom’s biggest export after sheep, Kate Moss, will be turning 40 next year. The British beauty and unofficial queen of the London scene was discovered in JFK airport in New York while returning home from a holiday in the Bahamas in 1988, and the world of fashion has never looked back. To celebrate the-original-Kate’s over 20 years of making narcotic-chic (controversially) a thing, here are some of the best Kate Moss-starring adverts.

Kate Moss Calvin Klein

“Kate Moss and Marky Mark for Calvin Klein Underwear” is pretty much all we can, and want to, think of when it comes to 1992 fashion. Apparently, the young Moss was super uncomfortable being shirtless, Marky Mark was unpleasantly self-involved (he allegedly was constantly his grabbing his crotch), and straddling the buffness that was the hottest bad boy of the time caused Kate to have a nervous breakdown not too long after but really, who could tell? The pair are camera chemistry crack and we love it.


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Okay, so this is another Kate Moss for Calvin Klein Underwear (this time from their 1993 campaign) but it would be a travesty to do a piece on the waifish wonder and not include this iconic ad. This was the beginning of a supermodel.

Kate Moss Burberry

This is more British than tea or fish n’ chips or mandatory cosmetic dentistry. For the Anglophile in all of us, here is Kate’s first campaign for Burberry in 2002 and we can see why the relationship lasted so long. This is Brit perfection.

Kate Moss Topshop

Another iconic British brand, Topshop, and Kate got together for a much-hyped collection in 2006. The model-turned-designer-but-still-model hired Katy England to “help” her design the high-street collaboration and, naturally, modeled many of the pieces herself.

Kate Moss Rimmel

Every time she says “Get the London Look,” it sends shivers down our spines. Aside from Calvin Klein, the other brand most of us would associate with Moss is British beauty brand Rimmel. That said, few people are known internationally for truly embodying the London party-girl, both in appearance and reality, more than Kate. Here they are celebrating 10 years together with the The Rimmel London Look Lipstick Collection by Kate in 2011.

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KATE 2013. The [fake] blonde gave up her usual light locks for a darker tone in these ads for Versace Fall 2013. Another long-standing brand relationship for Kate, apparently she and Donatella are BFFs. All we can say is the face, the body, the everything is still completely and utterly sublime. All hail the queen.